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Brenda Awad has been a horse lover since she was born and always dreamed of being in the horse business. Since she was a child, she has ridden and trained horses, worked in barns, and tried to learn all she could from any professional she was fortunate enough to ride with. She has tried almost every discipline but fell in love with the show jumping world in her late teens. Before that, she was an avid event rider. 
She has also always had a love for teaching and helping children find love, confidence and greater self esteem through the use of the horses. Although she has her special education teaching degrees and has taught in the school setting, she's always preferred the help of her equine friends as teacher's aides. 
After 20 yrs of running and managing her own lesson and training business, she called it quits after tragically getting injured by someone else's horse. It was during this journey of healing that the miniature horses showed their gift. Frankie, her first mini, would wait at the gate for her everyday, until she finally agreed to pet him. This slowly progressed to grooming, which ultimately led to long and tranquil walks up and down the mountain. He helped Brenda overcome her PTSD around the horses and reminded her of the amazing souls these horses have and their gift to healing. He was the rainbow at the end of her storm.
As a result, Reinbow Miniature Horses was born to help bring the same effects to any and all those around that need and want the same. "They are tiny, funny and so unintimidating that anyone is able to work with them! They simply bring so much joy to all that come around them.  We hope they may be the rainbow you need as well."
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