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      2023 Camps!! 


Parent & Me Mini Days

    Dates Coming Soon!


Fees: $195 (If registered by April 15)
          $210 (If registered April 16 or later)
   **Payment is due in full for this 4 day camp. A refund will be given only if the spot can be filled**

This camp is for the little people who are still too young for our regular camp and/or who may need extra support from an adult. Each child must be accompanied by an adult for the entire 3 hours each day. Activities will be similar to the other camps except the adult in charge will be responsible more for guiding their child and helping him/her. Open to children 3 years and older

      Summer Full Mini Days 

        9:30-3:30 Mon-Fri


Week 1-June 12-16 

Week 2-June 19-23 

Week 3-June 26-30 

Specialty 1-July 10-14 Future Farriers & Writers 

Advanced 1-August 7-11 **Advanced Camp**

Advanced 2-August 14-17 **Community Service-Advanced Camp** 


Weeks 1-3: $425 per week 
Specialty 1: $525

Advanced Weeks 1-2
: $775 for both weeks or $475 for Advanced 1 only

     **A $150 deposit (per child & week(s)) is due at time of confirmation**
   **Deposits are non-refundable unless we can fill the spot**

     **The remainder full payment for week(s) signed up for is due June 1**
   **Camps must have a minimum of 8 kids in order to run the week.**

     **  If the week does not fill, deposits will  be refunded**


All of our camps are fun and educational and unlike any other horse camp around! Every camper will spend the week getting to know their own miniature equine and will be in charge of all aspects of its care. We will spend the day doing horse activities and learning everything from grooming, to wound care, to training techniques. Although this is Not a riding camp, the campers will learn skills that are essential to riding and control of the horses. We will go for hikes, wagon rides, and play lots and lots of games with them. We will even have guest professionals come and teach the children about different aspects and skills within the horse world. 




Advanced Camp this year is specifically designed to work with the minis to teach them new skills and teach them to go off property to do community service. It is open to campers, preferably 8yrs and older, who already have horse experience either through extensive riding lessons, or through several weeks of our camp. Each camper must be approved for this camp.


The first week will focus on more difficult training methods, advanced handling, loading and unloading from trailers, and taking the minis on training field trips. 

The second week will focus on taking some minis out for daily service events within the community. Campers will learn how to keep their tiny equines safe while at the same time helping others learn about them.


Campers would ideally sign up for both weeks to get the full learning knowledge and see the progress in their horses. However, Advance 1 can be signed up for without Advanced 2. But, Advanced 2 MUST be preceded by Advanced 1 in order to take the minis out for community service. 

LIMIT of 8 Participants



Future Farriers & Writers Specialty Camp is a new and super special camp this year! It will focus on two of the most fun and popular activities we've done in our camps, blacksmithing and writing! It is similar to the other weeks of camp but is specifically focused on creating stories each day with the minis as characters, and working with our amazing farrier to create things out of steel. Each camper will make their own storybook along with being a part of a bigger one for the entire group. At the end of the week, they will present their stories to the group along with the characters in it! They will also make a project each day with the farrier that will build on developing new skills and abilities each day, in order to create more skilled pieces of art. This is a super fun week with lots of creativity and imagination from the campers! Don't worry, they will also get time with their mini friends as well!

**Must be at least 7yrs old unless preapproved by instructor**


 ***All REGULAR Camps are open to ages 6-14 years with possibilities for 5 year olds if we've met and worked with prior to camp to evaluate readiness (contact us for details). There are age restrictions for our Specialty and Advanced Camps. Older campers are welcome for the Advanced Camps.

Limit of 12 kids per regular week!!
Limit of 8-10 kids for Farrier week!!
Limit of 8 kids for Advanced weeks!! 


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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