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Reinbow Miniature Adventure Classes

Level 0

Open to children 3 yrs and up-$25 per student

This class is specifically designed for the very young and/or the very timid children who have no horse experience and just learning to be around animals. In this time, children will learn to pet the animals and be around them in a safe way, basic grooming, decorating of the horse's hair, and how to feed treats.  

There is NO leading in this class. 

Class size is limited to 8 students spread out along the ring. Parents are welcome to stay and help their child but no additional siblings allowed in the ring.


Level 1

IMG_E6099 (1).JPG

Open to children 5 years and up-$35 per participant

Children will work with their own miniature horse or donkey, and learn to groom, lead, and walk their miniature around obstacles. Participants may also decorate their mini if so desire. This is a great class for children who do not have any experience working around horses to help build knowledge and confidence. 

Small groups of 4-8 children spread out along the ring. Parents are welcome to stay but must remain outside and out of the ring. 


Level 2 & Level 3


Open to children who have completed Level 1 and have the instructor's permission to move up to the next level. Sometimes it will be more beneficial to repeat the current level. $45 per student

Children will learn more grooming skills like picking out the hooves of the horses. They will also be leading the horses around more difficult obstacles and learning how to get them to move faster while still under control. 

Groups of 2-6 children which will be spread out. Parents are allowed to stay but not assist their child and must stay out of the ring. 


Adult Level

Bring a friend, date, parent, sibling or just you and have fun! $40 per person

Yes! Minis are fun for all ages, especially adults! They bring so much joy and can even make one feel like a kid again. Locally near many vineyards and the famous Dr Ho's pizza place. Plan a fun day to be out!


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