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Private Riding Lessons

As of right now, we have one miniature horse and a few regular sized horses that are trained to ride. We currently only teach private lessons and may offer group riding lessons in the future. The lesson covers grooming, tacking up, riding and taking care of the horse at the end. Lessons last for 1 hour and are $70 per person.

Students should wear hard soled shoes with a heel and pants. Riding helmets are advised and can be borrowed for initial lessons.


Horsemanship Lessons


Private and semi private lessons can also be received for learning horsemanship skills around the horses without riding. This is invaluable training as much of one's riding confidence really starts on the ground with the horses. The miniature horses are a wonderful and unintimidating size to start with for these skills. Individual lessons are $65 and semi private is $40 a person. Lessons last 1hr.

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