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There is not much better than a mini dressed up for your favorite holiday! Invite us to your party, event or come out to simply take pictures with one of them at our farm! Contact us for details on what we can do to bring more life and joy to your holiday celebration!!


We offer tiered off site events from just a simple visit with handheld minis, to wagon ride events, to Santa Events that include pictures and meet and greet times with Santa and the minis. 


Send us an email with what you'd like to offer for your business, neighborhood, church, or special event. 

We have a landing fee (that starts at $300 and increases with number of animals and assistants needed) that includes all the prepping and transportation up to 20 miles from the farm. Beyond that, there is a $1.50 charge per mile. 

Duration of the event and specific activities are customizable and fees can be charged hourly to the event host or can be passed on to the participants. We also sometimes offer some of the proceeds to go to a charity of choice when participants are asked to pay. 

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