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Wagon Ride Events

Our wagon rides are a lot of fun for neighborhood functions, reunions, open houses, and community events. Depending on the event that is being held, a team of minis can pull one of two wagons. For giving rides, the "people mover" wagon is the best choice. This wagon can hold 6-7 small kids with the driver or several adults or a mixture of the two. If you're needing a more decorative look, than the carriage may be a better choice. 


Our minis need fairly open and flat surfaces to allow for easier pulling to minimize their fatigue. We book these events in two hour increments. For these events, we can charge a per hour rate or a per rider rate. Each event requires a prep fee of $300 which includes transportation to and from the event up to a 20 mile radius from our farm. 


We can also bring minis to have for petting while guests are waiting for their rides. 


Let us know what you're looking for and we can help customize to make your event memorable and unique! 

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