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Party Guidelines

  • All food must be kept outside of the ring and away from the horses

  • Guests must stay around the party area and not visit other areas of the farm 

  • NO ALCOHOL permitted on the premises

  • NO DOGS permitted-there are two dogs on the property but extremely friendly

  • Children under 5 must have an adult present with them at all times

  • Bottled water or drinks are allowed in the ring

  • Host of the party may arrive 15-20 prior to the start in order to set up

  • Guests should not arrive more than 5 min prior to the start and should remain at their vehicles and in front of the barn

  • A signed release of liability is required for each participant

  • Inclement weather will cancel the party (temps below 40, rain, snow, ice, severe winds, & storms) 

Party Details

Please read the information below to know what is provided, permitted, and suggested to make your party a success!!

What to Wear

  • All participants must wear closed toed shoes

  • Layered clothing is recommended as the farm can be cooler than other places in town

What to Bring

  • Food/snacks for the party, cake, etc.

  • Extra portable chairs if wanted

  • Bottled water and drinks

  • Any special decorations for the party-we prefer no balloons since they often pop randomly

  • Party favors for guests

What we Provide

  • Table & table cloth

  • Benches

  • Tent or end section of barn

  • Bathroom

  • All items for horses

What NOT to Bring



  • NO Smoking

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