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We always have a lot of minis at our farm and sometimes one or two may tell us that this is not the job they would like to have. Just like people, they have their own personalities and talents. We try very hard to respect them and what they want to do with their lives. When we feel we are not providing them the best job, we will offer them for sale. We will always ensure that they go to the best and most appropriate home possible so that they will only progress and thrive in the future.

To ensure this, our minis are never free. They have gotten wonderful care, both in vet care and in regular feed and maintenance programs, and we expect the same from the next owner. 

Please know that if we do not know you, we will ask to check references of vet and farrier to ensure you understand how to care for such little beings, as they are different than regular horses.

We currently have 1 very small pony looking for new homes. She has not been part of our mini program. Please inquire for more information!

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